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Destination Pools

Pool Openings & Closings

Proper seasonal opening and closing procedures are one of the most important things you can do to maintain the longevity of your pool and spa. It is a vital part in caring for your equipment, plaster, tile, fiberglass, and overall structural integrity. Our technicians are not seasonal employees, they are certified pool industry specialist ready to start off your season right. And when you are ready, they will help you finish your pool season off with peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected until next season.

Services that are included with openings:

Removal of winter cover and resetting of concrete anchors 
Remove all closing plugs 
Install railings, ladders, diving boards, slides and skimmer baskets 
Clean equipment and pad 
Clean & Store winter cover 
Add chemical necessary to bring water back into balance 
Make sure all equipment is working properly 
(Shock, Ph up/Ph Down, Stabilizer, 90-day Algicide included) 

Services that are included with closings:

Drain pool to proper level if not already done 
Remove water from pool plumbing/add anti-freeze and plug lines 
Winterize pumps, filtration system, and any water features 
Remove all railings and ladders 
Add chemicals for winter 
secure cover to pool 
(Anti-Freeze, Shock, 90-day Algicide included) 

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