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Fulfilling your needs and building your dreams is what we strive for. Our vinyl pool installations are constructed of Fort Wayne steel panels The steel panels come with a lifetime warranty. The steel panels are lined with a Fort Wayne vinyl liner, which comes in many different colors, borders and textures. The vinyl liner comes with Ultra Seam technology, which makes the seams non-visible. Vinyl lined pools come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes, however, are very easily customized to make it what you want, with benches, ledges and endless sizes and shapes. You can visit www.fortwaynepools.com for additional information regarding the steel pools and vinyl liners.

The process of building a vinyl lined pool is very systematic and each step is completed in a particular order. Below is the process for installation of a vinyl lined pool.


This is where you will convey your ideas to our designers and seek out all the different possibilities for your project. We will listen carefully to your needs and wants while using our experience and knowledge to provide a design that is not only functional but has the design flow and feel that seperates us from other builders. After taking pictures and measurements of the proposed space, we will get to work providing a quote and 3D layout. Our designers are industry leaders, winning design awards year after year, using the most advanced 3D technology available.

Lay out/ Permit/Job Setup

Once your design has been confirmed and cost of construction agreed upon, we can paint the layout of your pool on top of lawn using marking paint. This will give you a good visual representation of the pool size and location. We will then begin the process of permit application and approval through any and all governmental agencies. Your project is now well on its way.


At this stage of the process a great amount of excitement will start to grow. This is the first time you will physically see your project take shape.  Equipment will be used to excavate soil and pile it or stage it to be hauled off.  The kids really enjoy this step in the process!


Once the excavation is complete, our team will start setting the steel panels and installing braces. Concrete footings are installed and then pool is backfilled with all clean gravel. This will ensure no settling around your pool deck.


Equipment Set

At this stage all the plumbing and electric raceways will be run. The equipment that was chosen for your project will be set on the concrete pad and plumbed in to the lines that run to and from the pool completing the plumbing system. The entire system will then undergo pressure testing to unsure all joints have been properly joined and no leaks are present. As with all of our pools, we use no flex plumbing, and each pool is plumbed based on its own hydraulic requirements. Final backfill with rock will now happen as well.

Vermiculite floor

The floor of your pool will take shape at this stage. The vermiculite floor will provide a solid base smoother and softer than concrete. This will provide a floor that is maintenance free and allow your liner to last for years.



Our masons will begin installing the stone or brick to your waters edge. Each stone selected for your coping is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest quality. The alternative to brick and stone would be a poured in place concrete coping that is poured at the same time as your pool deck. We can now set our outside forms for your pool deck and pour the concrete. Many different types of concrete finishes are available to our customers. Ask our designers about the cost comparisons between broom finish, exposed aggregate, stamped, and salt stamped concrete. Other choices include Low temperature surfaces and segmental pavers for complete customization.


The moment you have been waiting for has arrived! The liner will be put in place using a super strong vac system. Water will be added slowly at first and liner cut to fit, wrinkles in the vinyl will be removed at this step. This is a tedious step in the overall process which gives your pool its final look and fit.


Your pool is full of water, pool deck is complete, and you are now ready for equipment start up. The pump is primed, turned on, and we proceed to check normal operation of the equipment. We will then clean the pool from any construction debris, dirt, etc. One of our advanced service technicians will spend a couple of hours going over the entire operation of your new in ground swimming pool. We will teach you the different techniques of normal operation, cleaning, water chemistry basics, and helpful tricks to save you time and money. Don’t be scared! Our service techs make this instructional time fun and easy!


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